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01/13/23 pls stop asking for copies of this crd im not giving more bc some of you are very intense and rude while asking...

30/10/22 some "new" fonts added (just limonysal old fonts tbh)

17/09/22 revamp

17/08/22 fonts added

26/06/22 revamp

04/01/22 was born this site

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• miscellaneous:
bouncy tilt woobly pop up floating blinking gradient border double border gradient img border img bg text rainbow link blur on hover white butterflies moving blury vertical text

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• music player:
cirular spin marquee draggable hover img hover text spin note 2000's mp
choose any of this: click to dowload your music.

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Hello (⌒‿⌒) my name is Ángel & @angeidiarys on twt and I use any pronouns & I hope you find this site helpful!